Annual General Meeting Update

Formal HOA Business

  • 2017-18 audited financial statements were reviewed
  • AGM package can be viewed here
  • Congratulations and welcome to the new resident directors
    • Ross Cunningham
    • Nishi Malhotra
    • Tanzeela Naji
    • Eva Tran
    • Kristie Tran
    • Jeremy Ng
    • Johnny Thang
  • Cremers and Elliot Chartered Accountants was appointed as auditor for the 2018-19 fiscal year

HOA Update

  • Construction on HOA facility and park expected to commence in the summer (2019), with the HOA opening late 2020 (timelines subject to change)
  • Residents will be engaged to provide feedback on programming, events, and activities they’d like to see in the HOA

HOA Event Update

April – Easter Craft for the Kids at The Hub
Date: April 20, 2019, from 1-4 pm.
May – Mother’s Day Floral Arranging
Date to be determined
June – Neighbour Day BBQ
Date to be determined

  • Follow the Hub on Facebook and Instagram for event date confirmation and more!
  • Check for the most up-to-date HOA information

Livingston Development Update

  • Centre Street will remain closed indefinitely
    • 144th and North of it will be closed. Working with City on finalizing the future Centre Street local road, street parking and transit (bus and LRT) development
    • Centre Street will not physically be connected to 144th for driving traffic – only LRT
  • 1st Street exit from Stoney Trail is in progress
    • The bridge deck will have 2 lanes going North/South
    • This will be the main entrance and exit coming from Stoney Trail
  • 1st Street East and West will be the main driving connectors through Livingston
    • In the future, it will be developed into 4 lane roads
  • 144th Ave East and West shutdown
    • This road will be shut down in August 2019 for grading and expansion
      • This will happen after 1st st is completed
    • This expansion will include traffic lights, but when they will be placed is up to the City
    • Work will progress from here down to Stoney Trail this summer
  • There is now a budget for the 14th street exit on Stoney trail – this should be completed in 2022-2023
  • The second deck on Centre Street will be completed in 2023

Calgary Police Service Update

  • Livingston Sergeant is Steve Kelly, works out of the Country Hills Precinct
    • The go-to guy for any questions and concerns regarding any police services
    • Tips: if you think you see someone or something suspicious – call 911 right away! Don’t hesitate

Transit Update

  • Charles Rushton from Calgary Transit came by to give us an update on the on-demand transit service pilot project in Livingston
  • On Demand Transit will be coming to Livingston in May
    • This will be a 12-month pilot
  • App-based (order bus through the app and watch bus travel to bus stop live on app)
    • Will be using existing bus stops, for now, it will be determined later on as the app unfolds if there will be designated signs strictly for this service
  • 15 min. target from when you order the bus to when it arrives
  • You will be able to order the bus in advance
  • Pricing same as regular transit
    • cash is not accepted only bus passes or credit cards
    • price includes transfers
  • Connection is to the main transit hub at North Point (across from Vivo and Landmark movie theatre)
    • North Point connects you to a variety of different buses, including the 301 which is a direct bus to downtown
    • You can order the bus from North Point to take you back into Livingston
  • Hours: Monday-Friday: 5:30am-8:00pm Saturday-Sunday: 7:00am-8:00pm
  • 2 x 7 passenger accessible vans (will be re-assessed based on demand)
    • bike rack may be attached to vans (transit is currently looking into this option, not 100% confirmed)
  • There will be an information session (dates to be determined) on how to use the app and more information on the service

GenH Play Ambassador Update

  • Moraig McCabe stopped by to talk to us about the GenH Play Ambassador program at Vivo
  • Play Ambassadors will be coming to Livingston and will be guiding Livingston residents on spontaneous play!
    • This includes a number of outdoor activities such as “loose parts play”
  • The goal of this program is to encourage physical activity, social connection, intergenerational socialization, outdoor engagement, and spontaneous play
  • Keep a lookout on all of our social media and Livingston-connect for exact days to join the Play Ambassadors