Exclusive Membership

Welcome to the community! As a resident of the Livingston community, you are automatically a member of the Homeowners Association! This vibrant HOA will offer a variety of amenities, services, programs/events, and benefits exclusively for Livingston residents.

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2023/24 Fee Information

Annual Fees

Fiscal Year: April 1 – March 31

2023-24 fee amount: 428.00 + GST = $449.40
*Fees are subject GST.

HOA fees will be applicable to all homes in Livingston for the 2023-24 fiscal year.

Fees will be reviewed and established annually by your Board of Directors. 

Fees are subject to changes as per the Articles of Association

For this year Annual Fees are due April 1st, 2023, residents have a 30-day grace period to settle their accounts.  Accounts paid on or after May 1st are subject to interest charges.  

Annual Fee Information see below:

2023-2024 Annual Budget posted below or click here.  

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