Exclusive Membership

Welcome to the community! As a resident of the Livingston community, you are automatically a member of the Homeowners Association! This vibrant HOA will offer a variety of amenities, services, programs/events, and benefits exclusively for Livingston residents.

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2020 Annual General Meeting

2020/21 Fee Information

Annual Fees

Fiscal Year: April 1 – March 31

2020-21 fee amount: 400.00 + GST – prorated for Jan-March 2021 – $100 + GST
*Fees are subject GST.

HOA fees will be applicable to all homes in Livingston for the 2020-21 fiscal year. This year fees will be prorated for the 2020-2021 year (January – March) to align with opening of the HOA amenities.  

Fees will be reviewed and established annually by your Board of Directors. Interested in becoming a Board Member? For further information please email: gm@livingstonhub.ca

For this year Annual Fees are due February 1st, 2021 (after this year, fees will be due April 30th of each year). 

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