Outdoor Fitness Group Training

What is better than working out? Working out with friends and neighbors, having an amazing workout and soaking up some vitamin D. These Tuesday evening workouts will be designed to give you a safe and efficient full body workout. We kindly ask for participants to try to arrive 10 minutes early and begin their warm up so we can jump into it at 6pm.

These will be circuit based workouts with each station being 45 seconds in length. All workouts will be based on time so the group starts as a team and finishes as a team. This allows for someone who hasn’t trained in a long time or at all to train alongside the most seasoned fitness veteran. No one is left behind.


What equipment will we use? Ropes, sleds, kettlebells, sandbags, dumbbells bands and more. Not your typical gym workout.


Top FAQ: I’m not sure if I am fit enough? Yes you are! You are competing against no one but yourself. Take your time, pace yourself and have fun. Progress takes time. If you feel winded, nauseous, light headed, just take a break no one will judge you for that.


How to make these workouts more enjoyable. Pack a little bag and include:

– Water x 2

– Sunscreen

– Ballcap

– Bug Spray

– Yoga mat


The program will run every Tuesday (6pm-7pm) starting July 16th til August 13th.


Registration will open up this Wednesday June 26th at 12pm NOON – FREE for Livingston Residents. 

Registration will fill up fast!