Development Update

Livingston Stage 2B Planning Survey

Brookfield Residential will begin the planning stages of Livingston Stage 2b. Before starting, they want to hear from you on how you envision the future development of your community.

The vision for Livingston Stage 2b aims to appeal to families with its unique blend of lower-density housing product, a future school site, local parks and preserved natural areas with pathway connections to the rest of the community.

The vision will be achieved by accomodating several community elements.

Lower-density Residential Area: To appeal to families, a variety of housing types will be offered in this stage. Including single-family front-drive and rear-drive homes, semi-detached homes, and the potential for duplexes and townhomes. 

School and Playfields: To support the educational needs of the neighbourhood, a school will be situated on the eastern side of the community, within walking distance to the future LRT. A playfield will be located adjacent to and west of the school building site.

Local Parks: Two local parks will be provided in the north portion of the plan area to offer an opportunity for structured and free play. A park will also be situated along the western boundary of the site to provide access to the preserved drainage course and local pathway system.

Linear Park: To deliver a direct and safe connection from the school site to the western local park, a linear open space with a local pathway will be provided that is framed with housing that offers surveillance for those traversing the space.

Preserved Open Space: The portion of the drainage course and associated trees that runs through the plan area will be preserved through the dedication of Environmental Reserve.

Multi-modal Transportation System: The neighbourhood will be supported by collector streets running east-west and north-south with crescents branching off from them. Regional pathways will be situated adjacent to 160 Avenue NW and Lucas Boulevard SE while local pathways will traverse the park spaces. Sidewalks will line both sides of the streets and transit will run along 160 Avenue NW, Lucas Boulevard NW and 1 Street NW.

Surface Maintenance

Surface Maintenance has begun in your community.  

Tree Planting Program

This is a reminder to residents to register if they would like their tree planted this year.

Livingston is a mix of lot trees (Brookfield tree planting) and Complete Streets (City of Calgary), residents can click on the map and see if their tree is a lot tree or a City of Calgary tree. Any questions about trees should be directed to the contact information on this website.

Tree Planting Program