Purple Day – Epilepsy Awareness

Purple: it’s not just the colour of royalty – it also starts a conversation every March and inspires us to turn the city purple for Epilepsy Awareness Month! In 2008, a girl named Cassidy Megan had a great idea, she wanted to get people talking about epilepsy. As someone living with the condition, she knew firsthand how the lack of understanding and communication makes those with seizures feel alone and isolated…and it stuck!


March is Epilepsy Awareness Month in Canada and every March 26th marks Purple Day, when landmarks and buildings across Calgary, Southern Alberta, and Canada will be lit purple to celebrate. We hope you’ll help us raise awareness by turning your outdoor and indoor LED lights to purple – join us in lighting up our community purple!  Don’t forget to post and share your pics on social media or send them to giving@epilepsycalgary.com.


More than 30,000 people in Calgary and Southern Alberta are living with an epilepsy diagnosis. When someone has a seizure, a discharge of excessive electrical activity in the brain affects how a person feels, thinks, and behaves. The symptoms range from mild to debilitating and can last anywhere from seconds to minutes. Epilepsy Calgary offers programs, support services and advocacy to anyone affected by epilepsy – free of charge and with no waitlists – together, more Albertans are living well with epilepsy. Thank you for your support!

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