Lucas Blvd Surface Work

Published Monday, June 3, 2019

Standard General will be starting the outstanding work on Lucas Boulevard on June 4, 2019. Two way traffic will be set up on the East side of Lucas Blvd while they work on the West portion. Once done, they will switch the two way traffic over to the West side of Lucas Blvd while they work on the East portion. 

We respectfully request your cooperation on the following items:

  • Please remove vehicles from the street at 7 AM on the first date noted above. Overnight parking is not allowed. If your vehicle is left on the road and you're away, we may have to tow your vehicle at your expense.
  • Please water lawn responsibly for the duration of the work as excess run-off could have serious effect on the construction. Although the work may not be adjacent to your property, water flowing to the nearest catch-basin could result in costly damage.
  • Hot asphalt can cause burns. Please keep children and pets away from the area while paving takes place. 

Click here to read the official notice.

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